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03 Nov

Email to someone

I believe you have removed your Yahoo! Mail account. Hence I do it here…

To someone…
Long email… but still confuse and uncertain.
My advice, you better continue your psy counseling else you might face … … consequence of uncontrolled circumstance.

From day 1 since I know of you as “wxxxxxxxe”, to “rxxxe” to now “mxxxxxg”, you had always hold the same perception – your perception.

You never listen and I doubt you ever will, yet.

Gender Neutral TS? Bullz.
As I quote: “look ugly with the most awful looking organ in this world”.
How can a gender neutral person detest anything of a human anatomy!

1 foe less?!?!
You don’t even qualify.

If you wish to conclude your chapter as, whatever you deems fit, within the tg community, you do it yourself. Its your problem, not mine.

Friends are willing to help you. And they are still reaching out.

My last words…
1.) Once you identify as with a gender, you are no longer a gender neutral person. YET, it doesn’t mean you are a TS.

2.) PLEASE, don’t help others when you can’t even help yourself. You only make situation worst!

3.) SgB is for all TG people and will always be open to all TG people.

With Thanks and Warmest Regards…
Daniel Kaw

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17 Responses to “Email to someone”

  1. 1
    Way to go Says:

    No, that someone has not removed her email account. Anyway good comments, Mr Daniel. Lolx.

  2. 2
    Way to go Says:

    Are you my friend?

  3. 3
    Way to go Says:

    I hope someone can hug me right now.. I am lost..

  4. 4
    Way to go Says:

    i am very hurt, daniel. i hope you are the one who can hug me.. would u do that?

  5. 5
    ah^gao Says:

    Your friends are out there waiting for you. Just give them a call. They are more appropriate to assist you, listen to you, care for you and more importantly – hug you!

    No one can help you if you do not open to them.

  6. 6
    Way to go Says:

    I have already deleted their numbers.

  7. 7
    Gust Says:

    please keep an open mind.

  8. 8
    Way to go Says:

    It will be better if those people don’t pass hurtful remarks. It will be saving me a lot of trouble, from already existing problems. It is not because I am lack of friends. It is because I found the wrong friends. Ever know what is the thing that you shouldn’t ask a TS? Yup and yet you all did the same thing repeatedly to me, while I am trying my best to be normal. The end result – is leave. I am hurt, condemned and alone. It doesn’t matter. Learn from my lesson, and please treat someone else better. I can look after myself. But I guess you all won’t listen. It is but still, your perception.

  9. 9
    Way to go Says:

    I have said
    1) “Please find a better friend”
    2) “Shut up”
    3) “Fuck off”

    Or publicly humiliate and pouring out all the problems of individual or group.

    Please ask them if they ever heard any of those remarks from me. If so, it means they can’t continue to be my friend. They should know why I would do that. If there are no problems, we will be always in peace and harmony. Otherwise we have to leave both ways. We are not compatible to continue to be friends.

    I have my psychiatrist, my colleagues and my company staffs who are continuously supporting me up in the most mild and TG friendly way.

    My opinion is that the community is extremely weak. If you want to do transition, you are basically on your own. Nobody is going to save you or really hug you. Have you? Or just said it and that’s it. Remember we do lost one sista, and nobody cares till I announced her death.

    If that is what LGBT community is all about, it still need improvement.

    And I borrow your words. It is after all your perception.

  10. 10
    Soton Says:


    I think the question is, whether you want to listen to other people or think you can handle it yourself…

    For example:
    The world is round and not flat. People buy life insurance because they cannot predict the future what may happen to them.

    For example #2:
    Ask yourself, is this fact true? is this fact based on true information? or half distorted truths and false information?

    You might want to ask, who are the authoritative sources of information?…

    Or else, if you keep listening to false and misleading information, you will get no-where or back to square one.

    If you want to help others, help yourself first. Then if it works, tell us about it. Share your success story.

    If it does not work, you might want to get all your money back from the person who told you all that misleading advice… if you can. Heh.

  11. 11
    Soton Says:

    > Remember we do lost one sista, and nobody cares till I announced her death.

    You refer to M… ? That is not true…

    I was also her employer and tried to counsel her and tried in many ways to help her. She kept disturbing other employees in my office here.

    I have told repeatedly to her that she cannot disturb and make a nuisance of herself during office hours. In the end, I let her go with a bit of money.

    The question of support, we can give you advice, and hopes and answer questions…

    What more do you want?
    In my own capacity, I can give you a job, but can you come to work 9am-6pm, and give me “proper” works, and not some garbage works and half nonsense that I get from some of my former employees.

    … but the job is market rated. Some of my competitors pay wages at 60% less than I do. Do you want me to pay you the same? I do not do such things, even to the least of my employees.

    I have asked time and time again for “fair pricing” and quality work from other TS people.

    I can hire you and give you a job for the next 10 years, like what I did some of my first employees.

    With regard to hiring TS people, I expect you to come to work fully dressed, and do your duties and go home fully dressed and act in a professional manner. I expect you to “pass” well with other female workers in my office and do whatever that is required for your job and do it well.

    I don’t wish for you to come badly dressed, or without proper make-up or badly attired, or cause a commotion in my office.

    You are most welcome to call me whatever names you want to call me, wisdom knows that I have to pay my employees dutifully and pay all expenses at the end of every month.

  12. 12
    Soton Says:

    > basically on your own

    Everyone is on their own. Did you ever learn to grow-up and be responsible for your own life and reasoning?

    Grow-up and learn to mature. If you want money, work for it. If you want lots of money, think smart how to earn money and earn lots of it.

    If you want love and hugs, think smart how you can achieve this.

    I am sure you can do much more than just sitting around all day waiting for things to happen.

  13. 13
    Way to go Says:

    whether you want to listen to other people?

    Not anymore. I have been too trusting in the past. When people backstab you, you are caught off guard, and realise the truth, when it comes from the chief, and not an ordinary member. So you just have to shed off your old snake skin, and mature. And yes, mature in the worst of ways. There are storms and thunder during the process of sheding. Now I recognise no one as my friends. Friends are now ‘friends’ with quotes. If you don’t find them comfy, just say ‘fuck off’ and leave. I don’t even care if those ‘friends’ are TS, Gay, or chief of some group.

    What money? They keep their pocket shut, while trying to get your money out when you are least alert. I know, each of us are duplicates of the same thing – devil. If you are weak, you will be played by them. I hope to eat you, soton. You are tasty.

  14. 14
    Way to go Says:

    Soton… well i guess u are the only one i have not been talking to for ages. Anyway, soton.. now realising how cute u are, well that may change a little of my view points. Let me think abt it.

  15. 15
    Soton Says:

    Well WTG,

    you can pat yourself on the back, and say, you are miserable and detested because you accept negative feedback from others and allow it to affect you.

    You allow people to input false and misleading information into your mind and you act upon it, thinking it will improve yourself.

    Like I said in my former post, I ask for other TG staff in my company to dress-up well, pass well, and act professionally. That’s a hint for you.

    Try to understand what the world is, and how to escape it.

    With regard to money, if you want money, you can do it by two ways – legally and illegal methods. With the legal method, you can keep all the money. If you go by the illegal method, you can have quick gain but karma sets in and you will lose all your money and nothing gained.

    There are many business opportunities and many ways to make money. Do I have to tell you to do such? I don’t have to. I wish for you to find out instead.

    Why do people not have money? because it is in their character to mismanage money and spend it all when they get it.

    Did you read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, where one Dad gains assets to earn money, and eventually, with these assets, manage to make money without working?

    Did you read about Human Resource management, where they tell about the latest human resource management and motivation principles?

    May be you can start by stop blaming others and start by going on a journey of a thousand steps to find yourself.

    When you find yourself, maybe you will understand what the world is.

    Try to understand what all the religions of the world teach and what life is about. But I won’t tell you this, if I do, you will just insult me back or going further about it, this post will get deleted.

    The Creator gives us two important things in our life – his love and light which we can see in the dark. That should be enough for you for now.

  16. 16
    Soton Says:

    You may want to tell what truths you “hold” and all of us reading this blog post can do a peer-review of each of the truth so it can be brought to light.

    How about you tell us what truths you hold so dearly and cause you to come to this condition where you hate everyone?

    There is something called truth which you can probe and cause and result will find it to be valid.

    For example:
    The world is round and we live in a sphere called earth.

    How do we know that the world is not flat? If the world was flat, you could see beyond the horizon.

    And the same questions you need to answer.

    As regard to each other being devils, remember what the devil wants out of you. Is it not to bring out the hate and hurts from our hearts and turn our hearts into coldness?

    With regard to money, I’ve been there and back, the answer is that I give to charity.

    If you are in Thailand, there are some places where you can give money to the temple for donations.

    Try to understand what the meaning of helping truly destitute and people in poverty vs. throwing money at someone who insults at you.

  17. 17
    Way to go Says:

    I only speak of what I know here.
    I won’t be baring all of me to appear naked and exposed for more criticisms. That was her in the past – a weakling. Hope she is dead and gone.

    You are fond of money. I can tell from every single paragraph here. Hope money bless you well.

    For me, I just want to have my peace. It is not difficult to ask? I may not work full dressed, wear make up or work professionally, which I don’t think I can 100%, or I turn slave to an insane system. I do work like a normal worker. If work environment is not comfy, I will leave.

    Now I am working out a solution with my HR manager for myself, and set a neat path all within my company setting. I have not stopped transitioning. It is you guys which gives the worst critics I ever know, that make me depressed and make me shut my pink door.

    In summary, please leave me alone. I need my peace. I can take care myself. If I jump, it is my problem, not yours. Just take good care of others. Anyway thought I am already condemned.

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