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Petitions: Ah Kua Show Posters on NLB noticeboards

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Petitions: Ah Kua Show Posters on NLB noticeboards

Post by ah^gao » Fri 19 Jun 2009, 11:20 am

This petition aims to motivate the National Library Board to allow the Ah Kua Show's posters to be put up on its libraries' noticeboards. Simply saying the show is not "relevant to a broad audience of all ages" is not good enough - and merely serves to reinforce stereotypes of transsexualism as a "forbidden, shameful" subject that does not deserve to be seen and heard.

The time has come for lazy, socially irresponsible attitudes towards transsexuals to be eradicated. Transsexuals require long-term medical care, both pre and post-operatively, yet there is no national framework of care that looks into their social and medical needs.

Now I'm only asking for a poster - a miserable poster - to be put up on the NLB's noticeboards so young transsexuals could read about the show and hopefully use its messages to find their way out of despair; and so as to trigger a broader social reflection on the evils of namecalling. Yet my request has been treated to a curt, unsympathetic response.

Please sign this petition if you feel indignant about the NLB's response and would like to motivate it to display the show's posters on its libraries' noticeboards.

Read more on what causes the raise of the petition HERE and HERE
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