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15 Mar

AFA Transgender Pilot Project

A big “Thank You” to those who had taken the time and participated in the survey. We have collected over 52 honest responses which have helped us understand your needs and concern better.
We greatly appreciate your time and feedback.

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11 Mar

Don’t Text While Driving

06 Mar

Breast op gone wrong ends her with 4 breasts !

A woman who went for a breast op to enlarge her breast ended up with deformities in her boobs, known as ‘double bubble’ in medical terms, is suing the plastic surgeon.

It has left her with what looks like 4 boobs, with scars and lumps all over. She is so ashame of her body now, she don’t even allow her husband to see her naked. Her marriage has ended up in a divorce.

So………..are you going to reconsider that boob job………?

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05 Mar

“Successful” Transgenders out there……

Everyone has a different view on ‘successful’. In my own view, being rich can be successful, being popular can be successful, achieving something can be successful, being capable can be successful etc etc.

Here, I’m going to let you know about some transgenders out there, whom in my heart, I have always looked at them as successful in their own ways, for their own reasons.

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03 Mar

Handsome crossdressing beggar becomes internet sensation !

The people dubbed him as “Brother Sharp” in chinese.

He became an internet sensation after his photos were seen on net. People were talking about how handsome, cool and sexy looking he is. How he even looks like a Japanese or Korean actor.

He became so popular, that people are searching on the streets for him, some hoping to catch a look of him, while some wishes to help him. He was even on the front cover of a magazine !

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03 Mar

Car workshop business become poor after boss became woman

66 years old Teraina, is the boss of a car workshop. Since the age of 17, she already wanted to be a woman, but suppressed her feelings.

She is married with a 18 year old son, but her wife died 2 years ago. She then started to dress in woman mode and is getting her sex change surgery later this year.

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